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Moving Home - Utilities Checklist

As Moving Day Approaches, We’re Here To Make It As Stress-Free As Possible. Here’s Our Useful Utilities Checklist – Print It Out And Stick It On Your Fridge!

Set Up A Post Service Redirect

It may difficult to notify everyone of your change of address, and there will be people and companies that you forget along the way. Consider setting up a postal redirect with the Post Office. You can arrange this for 3, 6, or 12 months and they are usually charged per surname.

Check Your Gas & Electricity

Make sure you notify your energy supplier a few days before you move and take a final reading before you leave the house. Remember to take a new reading from your new home when you get there too. It’s important to inform your gas and electricity provider as soon as possible to avoid being placed on an expensive ‘out of contract’ tariff too.


The whole household will have a meltdown without Wi-Fi. Speak to your current provider to see if you can swap it over to your new home, or now might be the perfect time to shop around for a better deal. Do this in good time because you will have to book an installation with whoever you choose and there can often be waiting times of several weeks or more.


You don’t want your details to get into the wrong hands. Let your bank and credit or store card providers know your new address in good time. If you have internet banking a change of address can usually be done quickly and easily online.

TV License

Lots of people pay for the year upfront so let them know you’ve moved or you may start to get hounded. Remember, if you are moving in with someone you only need one license between you.

Council Tax

You need to get in touch with your old council to let them know you are moving and set up payment with the new one if necessary. They will send you a final statement and if you are on a monthly or annual payment plan, check whether you are entitled to any refund.

Doctors And Dentists

It’s easy to forget about health services until you need one, but surgeries usually have waiting lists so it’s important to get on the list as soon as you can! The same applies for dental surgeries too. You may need to provide proof of your new address to be able to register – all the more reason for getting your utility and council tax bills swapped over quickly!


Don’t forget to notify your water company about your change of address and find out the new provider at your new home. After all, you don’t want to be paying twice as much.


Don’t forget to get on the electoral role at your new place of residence (you could get fined if you don’t). Most local councils offer online registration for voting which takes less than 5 minutes.

Building And Contents Insurance

Do you have your building and content insurance planned? Don’t forget you need to be insured at the point of exchange, so speak to your provider to make sure you are covered in your old and new home, and during the move!

All done? Excellent! Remember, we’re here to help you settle into your new home with no stress.

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Written by Michael and Lucy Joerin Category: News

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