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Selling Your Home




Ever been shown around a property by an agent who couldn’t have seemed less interested? Been given a lacklustre brochure (or no brochure at all!)? So have we! That’s why we decided to do things a little differently. We think you’ll find our approach to selling your home refreshing, creative and above all, effective!


We are not typical estate agents.  We are experienced property professionals with years of high level sales and marketing experience between us.  We understand the importance of selling your home for the best price possible, in the quickest timeframe and with the least amount of stress and disruption to your life.  We truly understand what it takes to sell a unique and beautiful home in the current climate.



Our lifelong passion for selling property is what sets us apart. It’s the reason we get up in the morning with a smile on our faces. Quite simply, we love what we do and you’ll notice our passion for residential sales as soon as you meet us.


Honesty and trustworthiness are the cornerstones of our business. You’ll receive an honest appraisal of your home and we’ll help you set a realistic price that will help it sell, fast. Then we’ll pull out all the stops with our marketing to make it stand out against the competition on all the major web portals, plus a few extra creative touches for good measure.






You'll meet us both when we come to see your home, and you'll deal with us and only us throughout the whole process from beginning to end.  When we visit we'll not only give you a home valuation, we'll also take the time to get to know you and discover your hopes, expectations and priorities.



We will provide you with an accurate and up-to-date valuation and market appraisal based on data, not wishful thinking!  Some agents will inflate the suggested asking price of your home in order to win your instruction.  Whilst this is flattering, ultimately homes that are overpriced take longer to sell and often end up selling for less than market value as sellers are forced to 'chase the market down.'  We pride ourselves on our accurate and realistic valuations and will provide you with a full Comparative Market Analysis document so you are armed with the most comprehensive and up to date information about the property market in your area.



The days of an estate agent taking a few quick snaps of your home, sticking it on Rightmove and hoping for the best are long gone.  Today's property market is competitive, and one of the main things that sets us apart is our stunning marketing.  Take a look at some of our homes for sale and you'll see that every room has been impeccably styled and presented, and beautifully photographed by a professional.


Once you instruct us, we'll create a bespoke marketing campaign that's unique to your home, and will make it really stand out against the competition.  We use a professional home styling service and take beautiful pictures worthy of a glossy lifestyle magazine.  We'll use creative, compelling language to describe your home and how it feels to live there - not boilerplate 'estate agent speak.'  


We can create videos, aerial photos, 360 degree virtual tours, catered open house events and social media campaigns.  Every home we sell is unique, therefore each home will have a bespoke marketing strategy to help find the buyer that will fall in love with it, just as you did.  We never charge our clients for marketing - it is simply a part of the unique and comprehensive service we offer.


Did you know that a buyer makes a decision about a property within 8 seconds of walking through the door?  First impressions are absolutely critical, and homes sell quickly when they are priced correctly and presented beautifully.  Whether you need a quick de-clutter or top-to-toe home staging, we can help your home truly stand out.  Read more about our home staging service here:



We make sure your home gets maximum exposure using a tailored mix of online and offline marketing strategies.  Over 95% of buyers begin their search online, so we advertise your property on all the major property websites as well as our social media networks and our own website which is designed to attract more traffic through search engines.  We also have excellent relationships with local and national press and are often able to secure editorial features for the homes we have for sale.



Many of the higher value homes we sell are never advertised on the open market.  For high profile individuals or those with security concerns about advertising their properties online, we offer discreet marketing through our ‘Little Black Book’ of registered buyers.  We work with a trusted network of buying agents throughout the UK and internationally, so you can be assured of complete confidentiality and a thorough vetting of potential buyers.



We will keep you up to date with weekly marketing reports and information showing how well your property is performing online.  All viewings will be accompanied, and we arrive early to set the scene, turning on lights, lighting scented candles and welcoming viewers at the front door. All the information a potential buyer will need is on hand, and we offer viewings at a time that suits you - weekends and evenings included.  The aim is to fit in around your life, taking away as much stress as possible.



Once you have accepted an offer on your property, we believe that one skilled person should handle your home sale from start to finish, making it their priority to get the deal done as easily and efficiently as possible.  Many estate agents pass your file to a ‘Sales Progression’ colleague who has no relationship with either buyer or seller.  We believe this can increase the risk of a sale falling through, so we simply don’t do it.  The journey from offer to completion is often stressful and protracted, so it’s vitally important to have one skilled person who knows all the complex details of your transaction and can protect your interests throughout.